How Relationship readings work?

Business Relationships, Love Relationships
Love Relationships, be they with compatible partners, family, friends, or your larger community as a whole, can often push our emotional buttons unlike anything else in our lives. I am here to help you cut through to the heart of the situation and uncoil any energy blockages that are found in these important relationships. Emotional freedom and peace of mind are the goals of our work together. I will tune into you and your life and see people or places and describe who I see and what their characters are like and you will be able to tell me who they are and if you would like to work with them. We will discuss and look into what needs to be integrated. Integration involves my psychically talking to people in your…
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So how do Business Readings work?

Business Relationships
I will tune into your situation within your business or work place and see or feel certain scenarios - then I will ask you who a person is that comes through or verify blockages I sense or see. At this point you can go deeper into the situations and we get more detailed.  Your part in the blocks will be looked at and I will probably give you homework. For example, you have an angry client/land lord that seems to be making life unnecessarily difficult I can drop deeply into why and shift it, with your help. You help with shifting the energy by owning your part in the scenario if needed or feeling into past lives that might come up - I know culturally we don't trust past life…
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Welcome To Relationship Psychic

Animal and Pet Readings, Babies, Body Healing Integration, Business Relationships, Conscious Psychic Awareness, Feminine Empowerment, Love Relationships, physical healing
Welcome to my new Website. - (This One !) - and the new name Relationship Psychic. I used to have a fairly well known psychic practice called, where I did Psychic Readings for Pet owners, Farmers and Animal Conservationists. I am now offering Psychic readings for all Relationship issues, to get your situation unblocked and flowing again! Looking forward to Working with you. BOOK My Soul Reading    
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